Build your products faster, reliably & up to 50% more afforable rates

Save your time spent on HR, admin & logistics and focus on your core business. We will provide high quality, reliable and price competitive engineering resources.

Extend Your Team

Hire more developers or teams to expand the capacity.

  • Scale in time according to your needs
  • Dedicated & talented engineers to work on your projects
  • Lower your costs while hiring more resources.

Mobile & Web App Development

Turn your idea into a reality. We will design, build and scale your product.

  • Our team will take your product from start to launch.
  • We design & develop products your customers love and easily scalable.
  • Eliminate delays and go to market as you plan.


Keep focus on your business. We will manage the project as and when you need.

  • Agile and reliable resources to work on your specific project on demand.
  • Hire specific resources you need for the project at competitive rates.
  • Be contently in Sync with our Product Owner.
Why we do what we do

We believe in equal opportunity to access keys to design, develop and test your dream.

What Our Partners Say

As a result of our consistent delivery of high-quality work, our company has become known as a trusted partner for clients who require a dependable team to deliver projects to a high standard.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common inquiries about our services

An extended team is a remote team working from a different geographic location that substantially provides cost benefits to your organization with par or better quality resources. Through N3Z we will hire and manage high-quality tech talent dedicated to your company to work remotely from Sri Lanka.

N3Z will be handling all the HR, IT and logistics on behalf of your company as they are hired as full-time employees of N3Z.

We take care of employment contracts, statutory requirements, training & development, to welfare. N3Z will provide required development devices such as laptops and testing devices. If you require specific devices to be provided to the team, we will also facilitate it at your expense.

All you have to pay is a monthly fixed subscription per team member to N3Z. In addition, you can pay bonuses at your discretion which will be facilitated through N3Z.

You will not be making any payments directly to the team members.

Yes, in addition to the monthly fixed subscription per team member, a one-off sign-up fee is charged to facilitate the recruitment process. There are no other costs involved apart from the above.

The outcome of the extended team or any team depends on the team members' skills, competencies, how the goals are communicated, and project management.

Therefore N3Z ensures skills and competencies of individuals are above average expectations. Further, we provide free and structured consultancy services if the team is under-delivering to identify and fix any possible causes.

If we are unable to fix a problem with a specific team member, we will replace the team member. You always have the power scale down the team if necessary.

Yes, absolutely.

We will facilitate the process and need your help applying for a visa if required.

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